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Stay comfortable all year round, with HRV. We will work with you to design a Cooling Solution perfect for your home,  with air conditioning and optional Summerkit for your HRV ventilation system. Let us build a Solution that suits your house and lifestyle, and help create the perfect home invironment™ for your family during the summer months, and beyond.


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Air Conditioning - Helping You Stay Comfortable Year Round.

Trying to create airflow by opening windows doesn’t always work – it just lets noise and mosquitos inside. HRVs Heat Pumps are the cost effective solution that not only keep you warm in winter, but when in reverse cycle, they become an efficient air conditioner that keeps you cool in the summer.

We also have the SummerKit add on that works seamlessly with our Ventilation systems. Pulling cool air from under your home’s eaves, the SummerKit filters out the impurities before dispensing it throughout your home. Watch the video below to see how it works.

How Summerkit Works

  • On hot summer days, your HRV ventilation system can’t cool you directly from your roof space, as it’s hotter than the rest of the house.
  • Because it’s located on the coolest, shadiest side of the home, the SummerKit sources cool air from outside and filters it before distributing it around your home.
  • The HRV SummerKit is an Add-On upgrade to our core ventilation system that’s ducted directly under the eave on the southern side of your home
  • This increases your hours of ventilation, with more air changes to keep the air moving on those hot, sticky summer days.

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High Wall Heat Pump

An efficient Heat Pump is an effective and economic way of heating and cooling your home. When it’s not heating, a Heat Pump can also act as a powerful air conditioner, so it offers year round comfort. Heat Pumps are the perfect partner when combined with an HRV core ventilation system.

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Floor Mounted Heat Pump

The Floor Mounted Heat Pump is much like the standard Heat Pump we offer, except now features Bi-Flow heating and cooling capabilities. This feature enables users to select the air flow outlet you desire, whether it be from the top or bottom of the unit. This Floor Mounted Heat Pump caters for individual...

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The HRV SummerKit increases hours of ventilation with more air changes to keep the air moving on those hot, sticky summer days. The HRV SummerKit is compatible with all HRV Ventilation Systems.

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Air Conditioning Servicing And Support

To ensure efficiency and to prolong the life of your HRV Air Conditioner, it needs to be serviced regularly. Our expert support and servicing team can find a time that suits you and is available nationwide.




Explore our full range of ventilation systems and bathroom extractor fan systems.

Water Filters

For filtered water from every tap and shower in your home, discover HRV water solutions.


Find a smarter way to heat your home with our Heat Pumps, Heat Transfer & LHZ Tablet heating solutions.


Stay comfortable all year round with our clever combinations of venting and air conditioning solutions.


Join the revolution. Harness the sun’s energy to power your home. Available in Auckland only at present.


Partnering our products can really improve your home, like combining a vent system with a heat pump. This gives you a home that is healthier, more efficient, and easier to heat.

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If you’d like to know the best way to achieve a cooler more comfortable home, we offer a free home assessment where one of our specialists can visit you and give the right advice for your situation.