Ventilation System Costs - 26/09/2018

So - you are considering purchasing a Home Ventilation System? You might still be a little unsure about how much they cost. There’s a few things worth considering in the early stages of researching what ventilation system is right for you and your home. There are many things to consider when choosing a ventilation system, including things like: the upfront install costs, the ongoing power charges, and any ongoing maintenance costs.

Our Guide to Ventilation Costs below is a good place to start when looking at ventilation options for your home.


How Ventilation Works

Ventilating your home is an important, and sometimes neglected, part of housekeeping. In order to help prevent mould and condensation, it is important that the home is well ventilated.

Simply opening a window may help slightly, however one open window can’t create enough of a draft to push air out and bring air in simultaneously. When you have a Home Ventilation System installed in your home that is exactly what it’s doing.

A Home Ventilation System works by sending old stagnant air out, whilst bringing new, filtered air in. Depending on what type of system you opt for, the air is either sourced from your roof space or from outside, before being passed through a filter and pumped through multiple vents in your home.

Having this constant supply of dry air coming in, whilst sending out the old stagnant, moisture rich air, helps to keep the home drier.




Types of Ventilation Units

There are two main types of Home Ventilation Systems available on the New Zealand market. They both work to bring clean fresh air into your home but the two units work a little differently.


Positive Pressure Systems

A positive pressure Home Ventilation System works by taking drier air from the home’s roof space, passing it through a filter and distributing it via a fan through one or more ducts, pushing it to a number of areas in your home.

By creating this movement of air throughout the home, the old and more stagnant air is forced out to make way for the new air that is being pumped in.


Balanced Pressure Systems

The second type of ventilation system common to New Zealand is the Balanced Pressure Home Ventilation System. These work in a similar way to the Positive Pressure System, however two fans are used; one to send air into the home from outside and another to send an equal balanced amount of exhaust air out of the home.

The exhaust air is sent out via a heat exchange unit which holds onto a portion of the heat and then uses it to temper the fresh, incoming air.

Balanced Pressure Systems tend to be better suited to new homes that are airtight. This is because for the heat exchange unit to effectively heat the incoming air, you want as much exhaust air as possible to be going out via the heat exchange unit and not out through draughty windows!


Prices & Installation Costs


The cost of installing a Home Ventilation System will depend on the size and location of your dwelling, as well as power supply, roof cavity access and the number of rooms. It’s not as straightforward as calculating the size of your home and corresponding that to a unit and fee. Rather we take into account the location of your home, the layout, internal and external environmental factors, as well as your interior design preferences!

For example, if we take a smaller home we would estimate a smaller ventilation unit could be suitable. Estimated costs for this unit would begin from $3369.00* including installation.

*This is the starting cost for a Janus 2 (1 Fan + 2 vent system)

As New Zealand’s largest ventilation company, our nationwide network of professional installers work with you to form a ventilation solution that best suits your needs. We offer a Free Home Assessment where our representatives come to you, assess your home, take into account your needs and concerns and then advise you exactly what options would be best for you.

Just as your ventilation system make-up will be bespoke to your situation, your running costs will be too. Your HRV system will run 24/7 and settings will automatically adjust to maintain the settings you choose.



Our Home Solutions Generator provides a personalised solution to help you choose the system that's right for you and your family.



Maintenance Costs and Filter Replacement

Just as we know it’s important to take our cars in for a regular service to keep them running safely and smoothly, the same goes for Home Ventilation Systems.

HRV Ventilation Systems exclusively use NZ made, premium filters with Nano-Fibre filter technology to help filter the air that is being sent into the home. These filters help to reduce pollen, dust or airborne allergens from the air in the home, creating a more comfortable environment for those living with allergies or asthma. Find out more about the advantages of using genuine HRV filters.

The filters in your Home Ventilation System will need to be replaced approximately every 24 months, with costs starting from $230 (inc GST).

With an HRV system, we believe it’s best that you have an HRV technician regularly service your system and change the filters. This way you’ll have expert HRV technicians, trained in our products and systems, checking your home ventilation system is in good working order. Plus it safe guards your warranty!


Benefits of Heating

Home Ventilation Systems work in a complementary way with your home’s heating system, helping dry out the air, making your heating source more efficient. High moisture levels in your home can make your home harder to heat according to the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

If you want to stay warm and cosy in your home throughout the colder periods, then it’s important to have a good heating source. Energywise offer a good break down of heating options for Kiwis on their website, allowing you to compare heating options based on the size of the area you’re trying to heat and the running costs. 


HRV and your Warranty

Every Home Ventilation System should come with a warranty protecting you against factory faults. All HRV Home Ventilation Units are automatically covered for a five year period from the date of installation.


Ready to learn more about home ventilation?

HRV can walk you through some options and help you create a ventilation solution that’s perfect for your home. Book a free home assessment today to get started.