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Cold and damp are often the problems associated with NZ homes, but sometimes the opposite is true, especially in our northern climates.

Strangely enough, one of the best products for cooling is poorly named a heat pump. Touted as the energy efficient way to heat your home, often a heat pump’s air conditioning abilities are totally forgotten. Yet turned on reverse cycle our range of Heat Pumps well and truly prove their worth in cooling, when opening every window just won’t do.

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Reverse cycle

On air conditioning mode, a heat pump works in reverse, extracting heat from indoors and transferring it outside – leaving your invironment comfortable and cool. With powerful heat exchanges to increase their cooling (and heating) capacity, Heat Pumps are effective air conditioners. The set & forget technology and automatic thermostat control make them an efficient option too. 

The benefits:

  • It’s a double use product – warmer in winter, cooler in summer.
  • An effective cooling option you can have at home.
  • Energy efficient performance.
  • Easy to use with set & forget technology.

If humidity and high summer temperatures impact on your invironment, our Heat Pumps are the perfect option, giving you effective cooling in summer.

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How it works

  • Heat pumps are an efficient heating and cooling systems available for your home.
  • Your heat pump doesn’t actually generate heat, but extracts it from one body of air and transfers it to another.
  • Air passes through the unit on the outside of your home called the evaporator, where it’s absorbed by a liquid refrigerant. This absorption converts the liquid into gas, which is full of energy.
  • This gas then passes through a compressor where it’s compressed down to the point that it starts to heat up.
  • The heated gas then moves through to the indoor unit called the condenser, where the gas releases heat into the air surrounding the coil.
  • That heat is then distributed through your home by a fan, and this cycle is repeated constantly to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • This process means that even if the air outside is freezing, your heat pump can extract heat energy from it and distribute it evenly through your home.
  • In summer the system works in reverse, extracting heat from indoors and transferring it outside - leaving your invironment comfortable and cool.
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More Testimonials

Petra Molloy

Just to let you know that the air conditioning unit has been installed and works perfectly, but more especially I would like to say what a pleasure it was to have your boys, Sam Ravi and Ali install it. They worked hard and were unfailingly courteous and left the apartment spotless. So thank you and I cannot recommend your company highly enough but will surely try and advise others to use your services.

Many Thanks 

Oliver s.

This is the second time we have an HRV system installed. The first time was in a old cottage with single windows. We had lots of condensation on windows and the average temperature in winter was 9 degrees Celsius at the end of the afternoon when we had the HRV representative visiting us. After we had it installed the technician told us it will take about a week to feel the difference. But it didn't take that long at all!!! We could feel and see its benefits the next day! No more wet windows, or cold house. The house instantly felt warmer. And with the tin roof we soon had a free heating system during sunny winter days. I kept saying to my husband "why did it take us soooo long to buy one ?". Soon after that summer the HRV dried the house so well that the doors would fall off their hinges !!!!!. This time we organised an HRV for our new brick double glazed windows house. We waited for winter to see if we would get condensation. And we did ! So HRV was ordered and a date set. I was very impressed again when the technicians arrived right on time to a very difficult address. We gave instructions to the representative when she came but sometimes communication between teams does not happen, therefore my concerns and worries. But this was not necessary!!!!! Technicians were very respectful of our house. It was pouring with rain outside and they brought everything in leaving their shoes each time at the entrance. Then I was impressed with the fact of NO DUST at all....and super quick.... All the job was done in 1 and 1/2 hours. Super efficient, super good service, super good product all around. I will do it again !!!!! Recommended to everyone I know.

Megan Davies

We recently moved to the Waikato region and after having had HRV installed in our homes in Taranaki and the Bay of Plenty with great success, especially in relation to the removal of condensation, it was a must for us to do the same here. Steve Muhlmann and Johnny( ? surname) did a great and professional job with the installation. We appreciate the advice given about installing an outlet in the garage and are already noticing the benefit there. We highly recommend this system and appreciate the great service support system.

karen rodgers

We have just finished paying off our HRV and I think it is the best purchase we have made for our house. Over the summer it pumped in cool air at night which made those hot summer nights more bearable. Now that the weather is getting cooler its nice to find the house warm from the heat it has pumped in during the day. The condensation we used to get on our bedroom windows is now also gone.

Jill Vercoe

We've had HRV for round 5 years now and I love it. I've had the Summer kit added and it was great over this last summer making our bedrooms a few degrees cooler in the night and more bearable to sleep! But the greatest rave I have about HRV is from last Easter weekend. My Husband and I were away for a week and as you all now that Easter weekend there was a terrible storm and our guttering could not contain all the rain. We have internal guttering and the water had no where to go but back in towards the walls and run down the insides of the windows. Our son was looking after the house while we were away and had put towels on all the window sills but not before water had soaked the carpet in the corner or the spare bedroom. He said that water was sloshing under the carpet when he walked on it! No more was done until we arrived home 3 days later and there was no musty smell in the house and the carpet is now only slightly damp to the touch, and feeling dryer each day. Today being day 5 after the storm. I can not sing HRVs praises enough and recommend to anyone to get it installed in their house.