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Heat Pump Servicing

Standard Heat Pumps are used all year round to help keep your home nice and warm in winter and cool and comfortable in summer. To ensure your Heat Pump continues to perform to its full potential it is important to undergo a system service regularly.


By servicing both the indoor and outdoor unit, this allows an experienced technician the opportunity to detect any faults before they potentially get worse and affect the operation and performance of your system.


Heat Pump Servicing is not available in all areas. Please call 0800 HRV 123 to find out when we're next in your area.

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How it works

What is involved in a heat pump service

Outdoor Unit

  • Clear vegetation away from unit

  • Remove grill covers from unit

  • Clear out any leaves and debris

  • Inspect coil fins and fan for damage

  • Visual check of electrical terminals and connections (tighten if loose)

  • Spray coils with condenser cleaner

  • Check for refrigerant leaks with electronic leak detector

  • Replace grille covers

  • Wipe unit down

Indoor Unit

  •         Clean filters with soapy water and replace

  •      Take cover off wall unit for full visual inspection

  •         Check and clean condensate pan, drain and trap

  •         Spray coil with mould inhibiting disinfectant

  •      Wipe unit down

  •      Manually check airflow and output temperature (is it heating and cooling?

  •      Check for refrigerant leaks with electronic leak detector

  •         Run through fault code check on remote

  • Give the customer a lesson on how to operate the basics