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High Wall Heat Pump

An efficient Heat Pump is an effective and economic way of heating and cooling your home. When it’s not heating, a Heat Pump can also act as a powerful air conditioner, so it offers year round comfort. Heat Pumps are the perfect partner when combined with an HRV core ventilation system.

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How it works

  • Heat pumps are an efficient heating and cooling systems available for your home.
  • Your heat pump doesn’t actually generate heat, but extracts it from one body of air and transfers it to another.
  • Air passes through the unit on the outside of your home called the evaporator, where it’s absorbed by a liquid refrigerant. This absorption converts the liquid into gas, which is full of energy.
  • This gas then passes through a compressor where it’s compressed down to the point that it starts to heat up.
  • The heated gas then moves through to the indoor unit called the condenser, where the gas releases heat into the air surrounding the coil.
  • That heat is then distributed through your home by a fan, and this cycle is repeated constantly to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • This process means that even if the air outside is freezing, your heat pump can extract heat energy from it and distribute it evenly through your home.
  • In summer the system works in reverse, extracting heat from indoors and transferring it outside - leaving your invironment comfortable and cool.