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HRV TankVac is a DIY product designed to make your life easier! If you use tank water on your property then cleaning the sludge and sediment from the bottom of your tank can be a very time consuming, messy task. HRV TankVac is powered by gravity and will automatically clean the tank when the water reaches a specific level.

HRV TankVac uses suction to clean debris from the base of the tank – no cleaning products, chemicals or scrubbing required. Whether you have a concrete or plastic tank, HRV TankVac will remove debris from the tank before it is sucked into the filtration system - creating cleaner water for you and your family to use.

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How it works

  • The TankVac's patented siphonic inducer creates a vacuum which sucks debris, sediment and contaminants from the bottom of the tank.
  • Tank Vac uses suction to clean debris from the base of the tank.
  • The TankVac operates automatically when the tank is full.
  • TankVac uses very little water and automatically cuts out when the water drops below a specified level.


    • Internationally patented NZ design1
    • Suitable for plastic or concrete tanks
    • Easy install
    • No electricity required
    • Draws up to 9 litres per second to create vacuum2


    • Cleans sediment from your water tank without the need to empty it
    • Removes sludge, sediment and bacteria from the bottom of the tank
    • Works automatically every time your tank overflows
    • Complements HRV UV Water filtration system


1. How does TankVac work?
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