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Whole Home Water Filtration

Connected at your main water supply, rather than the tap, the HRV Whole Home Water Filtration system filters every drop of water entering your home. Whether you’re drinking, washing or using the water to bathe in, you can rest assured knowing the water is filtered down to the last drop.

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How it works

Installing an HRV Whole Home Water Filtration system onto your mains ensures that you get filtered water from every tap in your home

During the first stage of the filtration process the system uses a sediment filter which removes up to 90% of particles that are one micron or larger, reduces sediment and debris smaller than the eye can see1, reduces bacteria levels2 and improves the colour and clarity of your water.

During the second and third stages of the filtration process the system uses a mix of granular activated carbon and a material known as KDF. The KDF process media is a high purity alloy of copper-zinc granules which helps to effectively reduce chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulphide and heavy metals3. The granular activated carbon (GAC) helps to reduce some chemicals which have been deactivated by the KDF2.



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