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Fresh air in, odours out

Cooking smells, musty wardrobes and basements, pet odours, the dreaded damp, even smelly tap water. These odours are all by-products of daily life or contaminants in our homes – and they’re all pretty off-putting & not particularly healthy.

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Getting clean, fresh air in regularly through your home with proper ventilation will help greatly with lingering smells, flushing out the stale, contaminated air along with the nasty odours.

HRV ventilation and water filtration products help remove these smells from your home, leaving you with the purer air & water.

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How it works

  • Just like your existing HRV core ventilation system, the Next Generation acts as the lungs of a home replacing the stale indoor air with fresh filtered air. 
  • It takes drier and often warmer air from the roof space and filters it before distributing it evenly throughout your home. 
  • The incoming air is purified through our world-leading nano-fibre filtration technology before it enters your home.
  • By creating positive pressure, the stale indoor air is flushed out and replaced with drier, filtered air continually up to two to four times per hour. This drier invironment makes heating and cooling your home more energy efficient.
  • You have complete control over the process with our intelligent touchscreen keypad.
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More Ventilation Information

Reduce condensation and control moisture

Learn more about how HRV Ventilation can solve prolonged moisture and condensation issues in your home.

How to reduce mould & dampness

Living in a mouldy or damp home is not just uncomfortable - it could be dangerous to our health. Discover the benefits of our nano-filtration to your home.

Help with Asthma & Allergies

According to the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ, one in nine adults and one in seven Kiwi kids have asthma in New Zealand*  While 40% of New Zealanders suffer from allergies. Allergies and the rate of environmental allergies, including hay fever, eczema, and dustmites, has doubled in 15 years. Most of the research points to the state of our damp, cold home environments here in NZ and the air we’re subsequently breathing in.

*Annual Update of Key Results 2015/16: New Zealand Health Survey. (2016). Ministry of Health

Get your home prepared now. Take a look a some specific issues faced by kiwi homes below or view our full ventilation product range:

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More Testimonials

Megan Davies

We recently moved to the Waikato region and after having had HRV installed in our homes in Taranaki and the Bay of Plenty with great success, especially in relation to the removal of condensation, it was a must for us to do the same here. Steve Muhlmann and Johnny( ? surname) did a great and professional job with the installation. We appreciate the advice given about installing an outlet in the garage and are already noticing the benefit there. We highly recommend this system and appreciate the great service support system.

Ray McGuire

I bought a 1950's-built house and the first winter there was pretty tragic. There was no roof insulation, wall insulation of floor insulation, only open fireplaces in poor condition and it was cold. When it rained or was cold the condensation was in every room, on windows, walls, everywhere. Our first step was to get the roof insulated and that made a difference. The wooden floors were carpeted and an inbuilt fire put in. An HRV salesman contacted us and we decided to let him visit. His promises convinced us to give a ventilation system a go and so we got the whole house ventilated. He wasn't wrong! No mould problems! Less cleaning is needed! No musty smell! No condensation! Excellent! And the follow-up service programme is great!

Constance Bonar

I find the HRV has been a joy in so many ways since having it installed. The house is warmer and drier, and no mould. Recently I found that with three extra staying for a few weeks, the air was just as fresh, especially with all the cooking, and showers, mind you it would have been nice to have had a heater in the bathroom, but I got everyone to open the windows there, so it didn't affect the air with having the HRV installed. Now I wouldn't be without it, I have also found I haven't had to use the heater as much.

Judy & Brian Marsden

My husband was somewhat sceptical but we have had HRV installed and find it has levelled out the room temperatures. We like the quiet operation of the system and the ease of changing settings. The burnt toast setting works for other odours and keeps the house fresh. Our basement room used to have a damp smell but this has now disappeared. We are very happy with the product over summer and look forward to it's benefits in Winter too.

Angela Townrow

We just cannot rave enough about our HRV. Living in a 1920's bungalow, we were unfortunately blessed with crying windows in Winter (well also Autumn and some of Spring too!) and resulted in 10 minutes and two wet towels every morning drying the windows. A colleague had recently got an HRV installed and suggested we look into it, so we did a lot of research and decided HRV was the best product for us - and we've never looked back. We noticed an immediate difference, and within about four weeks, we were without condensation (and that was in Winter!) and no more musty house smells - it has been some sort of miracle! With two young children, it really couldn't have been a better decision for us to make and it is bliss waking up in the morning opening the curtains and being able to see clearly outside (even on a chilly Canterbury -5 night!), and having that feel of slightly warmer air in the house, plus we are sure our heat pump is working much more effectively too. Our neighbour has a competitors ventilation unit and they still have condensation, and this Winter after seeing our success, they have contacted their company to get them to come out and find out why theirs is not working like our HRV! Installing an HRV has been without doubt the single most worthwhile investment we've made for our home. We couldn't be happier and will always sing HRV's praises - thanks HRV!


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