Wellington Ventilation

Creating Healthier Homes In The Capital City

HRV provides a Total Home Solution for those living in the wider Wellington region, ensuring your home is comfortable and dry all year round. Our Total Home Solution consists of the HRV Next Generation Ventilation system, Whole Home Water Filtration and different Heating and Cooling Solutions. All of HRV’s products aim to make your home more comfortable and healthy to live in.

New Zealand's capital city has a challenging climate, particularly during the winter months. Wet, windy and cold are ways to best describe a Wellington winter. There are many houses built with materials or in areas that are susceptible to mould, dampness and allergens in the air. A damp and mouldy home can contribute to an uncomfortable and unhealthy living environment and air contaminated with pollutants and allergens can exacerbate asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Our HRV Next Generation system has been designed with world-leading nano-fibre filtration technology and is built to not only clean the air that enters your home, but help to reduce dust, odours and nasties that pollute the air you breathe.

Our HRV specialists in the Wellington area are determined to make your home a healthier place for you and your family and our HRV Next Generation Ventilation system is the first place to start to achieve just that. Our Ventilation system helps to dry out your home, reducing moisture and the damp environment in which mould needs to grow. A drier home means when the wild Wellington winter hits, you’ll save money on heating costs and be able to create a much more energy-efficient, warmer home. Not to mention you’ll save time not having to wipe away puddles of condensation from windows and window furnishings.

Wellington winters can be uncomfortable, but they don’t have to be. HRV provide products to help combat the capital’s cool conditions and help to create a happy, healthy living invironment for you and your family.

How a HRV Ventilation system can benefit your Wellington home

  • Your HRV Next Generation ventilation system acts as the lungs of your home replacing the stale indoor air with fresh filtered air.

  • It takes drier and often warmer air from the roof space and filters it before distributing it evenly throughout your home.

  • The incoming air is purified through our world-leading nano-fibre filtration technology before it enters your home.

  • By creating positive pressure, the stale indoor air is flushed out and replaced with drier, filtered air continually up to two to four times per hour. A drier invironment makes heating and cooling your home more energy efficient. Ventilation also helps to reduce mould, damp, excess condensation and odours.

  • You have complete control over the process with our intelligent touchscreen keypad.

    HRV offer Ventilation, Water Filtration, Heating and Cooling options to the following Wellington areas:

    Wellington City, Porirua, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Kapiti Coast District, Masterton, Otaki, Carterton, Featherston, Greytown, Martinborough

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