Ready to go? The ways you can pay

Apply for a Q MasterCard® Once you’ve decided which of our total home solutions is right for you and your family we’ve got a range of easy payment options.

All the usual payment options are fine - cash, cheque, direct credit or credit card. Once you've paid, we'll get your HRV solution installed promptly, so you can enjoy the world’s purest invironment. Nice!

We also have easy payment options available through Q Mastercard.  

Q Mastercard is your perfect shopping partner, combining the benefits of a credit card with the added ability to access a range of interest-free deals and payment holidays*.

To take advantage of our great payment options with Q Mastercard you can apply by simply clicking the Q Mastercard banner on this page. Once approved, please speak to your local HRV representative for more information about available Q Mastercard offers.

*Q Mastercard interest-free deals and payment holiday offer information is available via your local HRV representative. Offers and deals are updated regularly and may combine interest-free deals with payment holidays or could be just one of the two. Q Mastercard T&Cs & fees apply.