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Core Ventilation

The HRV Next Generation is NZ’s #1 selling ventilation system. Our exclusive nano-fibre filter technology provides the highest quality air for you and your family – we’re the only ventilation system in New Zealand to have Sensitive Choice accreditation. We’ve also added an intuitive new touchscreen controller, with new built-in features that's easy for anyone to use.

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How it works

  • Your HRV Next Generation ventilation system acts as the lungs of your home replacing the stale indoor air with filtered air.
  • It takes the often drier and warmer air from the roof space and filters it before distributing it evenly throughout your home.
  • The incoming air is purified through our exclusive nano-fibre filtration technology before it enters your home.
  • Through a process called positive pressure, the stale indoor air is flushed out and replaced with drier, filtered air continually up to three times per hour. A drier invironment makes heating and cooling your home more energy efficient. Ventilation also helps to reduce mould, damp, excess condensation and odours.
  • You have complete control over the process with our intelligent touchscreen keypad.


More Testimonials

Briar Archibald

I wish to pass on to you our praise for your staff who installed our unit.

My husband is a tradesman himself and was extremely impressed with the manner your three staff, Ajesh, Varneet and G Sam (I hope this is correct) worked and conducted themselves in our home. Obviously on a building site he sees many other tradesmen and often is shocked at their attitudes and lack of care.

So please thank these men again. They were excellent and have helped us to positively recommend your service to others.

Alana Chipman

I just want to say that these guys that installed our HRV this afternoon did a great job. They were friendly, efficient and did a good job cleaning up after themselves. My husband and I were both very impressed and would recommend them to anyone.


Today I had my HRV install which was done by Ravi, Varneet & Ajesh. I was very impressed with their professionalism and the meticulous planned way in which they worked. They were very polite and very patient in explaining the system to me. You are lucky to have such good staff – if you have any way of recognising your good staff then these 3 gentlemen should be on top of that list. Please feel free to contact me in case you need any further information. I am going to pass positive feedback about HRV to all my friends because of my experience with your staff today. Well done – carry on the good work.


Jacqueline Parekh

My husband and I would like to record our sincere appreciation to Anil Deo and Ali Majeed Buqari on a job well done in installing our HRV system a month ago.

Both Anil and Ali were very professional yet patient and approachable as they answered all our questions and supported us through the installation process. They were also very good in ensuring they cleared up all debris before completing their job and exiting the premises.

They should also be commended on providing some valuable advice to augment the ventilation of our home - all the while not appearing too pushy for a sale. It is of course no surprise that we thought about their advice and specifically called them in to install a bathroom fan (Vortex) extractor last weekend. 

We had a great customer experience and would like to commend Anil and Ali on a job well done as well as being great brand ambassadors for HRV.



Lena Johansson

Anil Devo came to my home to service the HRV system. This email is to report that we were provided with all the necessary information and he carried out a very professional job. We would like to thank him for the time he took to explain the problem and how it could be fixed.

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