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LHZ Visage Heater

The LHZ Visage Tablet Heater is an energy efficient, contemporary heater ideal for larger bedrooms and mid-sized rooms. This slimline 2kW heater produces comfortable, dry, convection and radiant heat quickly. Its digital quickstart mode offers hassle-free operation and it has a child-friendly safe to touch surface. Manufactured in Germany built with high quality German componentry it also comes with a 5 year guarantee.

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How it works

  • The LHZ Visage Tablet Heater is a slimline wallmounted heater creating steady convection and radiant heat that gives a warm background ambience. 
  • The LHZ Visage provides radiant heat with its granite core. This gives out up to 45 mins of radiant heat after it’s switched off – a great power saving.
  • Its digital quickstart mode gives you completely hassle-free automated operation and control.