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Sonair Ventilation

If you don’t have a ceiling cavity, the Sonair through-the-wall ventilation system can be installed in selected rooms in your house or apartment where there is excess moisture i.e. the corner bedroom that doesn’t see much sunlight or the laundry. Sonair is a ductless ventilation system with the following great features:
- Helps reduce condensation in homes & apartments
- Helps reduce mould and damp
- Pulls filtered fresh air into your home
- Ductless installation means easy retrofitting into existing homes

The Sonair system is not an alternative to the full HRV ventilation system which is a whole home solution. But if your home isn’t suitable for this, the Sonair system is a good option for single rooms.

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No roof cavity required Installed through an external wall - ideal for apartments or downstairs rooms
G3 filter Removes up to 80% of pollen and spores from incoming air*
Built in sound absorbing chamber Quiet operation -23dBa at normal speed*
Controllable airflow Airflow of up to 255m3/hr*
*Manufacturer data