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Breathe cool, fresh air into your home on hot evenings with an HRV SummerKit. It brings cool air in from the south side of your home, which increases your hours of ventilation, with more air changes to keep the air moving on those hot, sticky summer nights. No trouble with mozzies, noise or security, as you’re not opening any windows. It’s the perfect answer for warm, muggy climates

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How it works

  • On hot summer days, your HRV ventilation system can’t cool you directly from your roof space, as it’s hotter than the rest of the house.
  • The HRV SummerKit is an Add-On upgrade to our core ventilation system that’s ducted directly under the eave on the southern side of your home
  • Because it’s located on the coolest, shadiest side of the home, the SummerKit bypasses the roof space and brings the cool air directly into your home, filtering it on the way.
  • This increases your hours of ventilation, with more air changes to keep the air moving on those hot, sticky summer days.


More Testimonials

Oliver s.

This is the second time we have an HRV system installed. The first time was in a old cottage with single windows. We had lots of condensation on windows and the average temperature in winter was 9 degrees Celsius at the end of the afternoon when we had the HRV representative visiting us. After we had it installed the technician told us it will take about a week to feel the difference. But it didn't take that long at all!!! We could feel and see its benefits the next day! No more wet windows, or cold house. The house instantly felt warmer. And with the tin roof we soon had a free heating system during sunny winter days. I kept saying to my husband "why did it take us soooo long to buy one ?". Soon after that summer the HRV dried the house so well that the doors would fall off their hinges !!!!!. This time we organised an HRV for our new brick double glazed windows house. We waited for winter to see if we would get condensation. And we did ! So HRV was ordered and a date set. I was very impressed again when the technicians arrived right on time to a very difficult address. We gave instructions to the representative when she came but sometimes communication between teams does not happen, therefore my concerns and worries. But this was not necessary!!!!! Technicians were very respectful of our house. It was pouring with rain outside and they brought everything in leaving their shoes each time at the entrance. Then I was impressed with the fact of NO DUST at all....and super quick.... All the job was done in 1 and 1/2 hours. Super efficient, super good service, super good product all around. I will do it again !!!!! Recommended to everyone I know.

John Smith

Love the difference HRV has made to our home.

Coral Jackson

In our first home we had significant ventilation issues and discovered mould on our new curtains only 3 months after they were put up. We put in an HRV system and this changed the house signifcantly - that room even became the babies room. Since then we have moved twice and in each house we have installed HRV and have never ever regretted it. The place we are in now is 2 storied and it was quite tricky to get the vents in but the team worked hard and once again there is no condensation. Also to note that during renovation the HRV team did wonders fitting the new units and vents at various times to suit the builders and electricians. Even the sales person came and helped at one point. We always love coming home to our warm dry house in winter and of course we sleep better in summer as the house cools with this wonderful system.

Barb Stamp

I have an upstairs room that gets very hot in the summer, my son always had a fan going & was still hot, so since getting the HRV heating installed, I was offered the cooling & it has worked wonders in the upstairs room taking the cooler air from outside & pushing it through the rooms, he is much more comfortable now :-)

karen rodgers

We have just finished paying off our HRV and I think it is the best purchase we have made for our house. Over the summer it pumped in cool air at night which made those hot summer nights more bearable. Now that the weather is getting cooler its nice to find the house warm from the heat it has pumped in during the day. The condensation we used to get on our bedroom windows is now also gone.

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